Sustainability Certifications

Biozone Protectant
A environmentally-friendly antimicrobial surface protectant easily applied to any surface including hard surface, clothing, metal, and platic.  The germ-inhibiting quality is EPA registered and last for 90 days or more.  

Cámara de Comercio de Lima
Responsible body for increasing commercial and industrial activities of companies of Lima and Perú.

Community Fork Lift - Hyattsville, MD
Offering a commitment to salvage and resuse the goods that would end uneceesailly end up in landfills.

Corporation Natural Green SAC
Organic exótic products exporter company Form the Amazon jungle in Peru.

Dharma Merchant Services - Wlanut Creek, CA
Dharma Merchant Services offers socially responsible card payment solutions with full transparency; specializing in small businesses and nonprofits.

Enterprise Servicios Generales, E.I.R.L. - Lima, Peru
Enterprice Servicios Generales offers superior and inventive water saving faucets and devices

Environmental Remediation Services - Chicago, IL
This organization offers consulting, training, and certification of indoor air quality issues.

Good Old Days Florist - New Windsor, NY
Delivering flowers in vintage, recycled containers.

Hilton Hotel LAX - Los Angeles, CA  
This modern and very environmentally-sustainable hotel has proven that Sustainable and Green services are not contrary to good business, comfort, and public appeal.

Inka Solutions - Lima, Peru
Integral advertising Solutions services based out of Lima Peru 

National Ozone Assosiation - Chicago, IL
Offering the Green and Sustainable Solutions to Indoor Air Quality issues, infection control, odor removal, and mold remediation.

Native American Bank, N.A.  -  Denver, CO
Bringing advanced business solutions to the community with sustainable practices within.

ONPE - Lima, Peru
Oficina National de Procesos Electorales is the national and regional service for voting in the country of Peru

O'Brien and Levine Court Reporting - Boston, MA
Paperless and environmentally-conscious business function.

Plantation on Crystal River - Crystal River, FL
This sustainable resort is one of the most sustainability-conscious resorts anyone could find.  Excellent facility for all.

O'Brien and Levine Court Reporting - Boston, MA